Finding our garden: a little surprise

When we moved into our house we didn’t realise our garden was quite as big as it was!

After fighting through mountains of brambles and nettles we have discovered the outline of what was clearly a once much-loved plot, but it is probably fair to say we are both excited and nervous as we realise how much work is ahead of us in getting it back under control.

In among the overgrowth there is a chicken run, a summer house with a shed extension (and a stained glass window!), a garden shed, a wood shed and a raised garden border. Only after we started clearing and Katrina fell into it did we realise we also had a pond, which on further exploration turned out to be two ponds!


The lack of leaves on anything has made it hard to identify much, but there is definitely a cooking apple tree and an eating apple tree, a plum tree and a pear tree. There is a lovely bamboo plant, and numerous fruit bushes – gooseberry, black currant and red currant most likely.

We’re looking forward to the weather improving so we can start clearing everything and see what is actually here and what needs doing before spring arrives..!

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