To bee or not to bee

That is indeed a good question. We decided against chickens as there is a healthy local fox population, we’re rarely home in time to shut them up before dark in the winter and didn’t really want to confine them to a run. However bees, while still needing a lot of work, don’t need shutting in at night and we both love honey.


We’ve also both been following all of the news about declining bee populations and we’re keen to fill our garden with bee-friendly plants and spaces. Keeping a hive of bees seems a natural next step.

I’ve been in touch with Bath Beekeepers Association and we’re hoping to get to one of their introductory courses next spring. We’re also researching how to plant our garden up for bees next year. In the meantime we’re reading as much as we can and learning a huge amount. Any advice, experiences or resources you can share with us would be much appreciated!

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