Living in Carlingcott

We just bought our first home – a 15th Century cottage tucked away in the little hamlet of Carlingcott on the south side of Bath – it was love at first sight!

The cottage is just gorgeous – it was done up extensively in 2005 with an extension to the back very much in keeping with the old stone style, but with a new kitchen, bathroom, dining area and master bedroom added. The original house must have been very small with just two rooms!

Apparently there would have been just a sleeping platform, and we’ve been told that originally animals would have been kept downstairs. The original beams are still in place so you can see where the old roof would have been, although when the thatch was replaced the height of the ceiling was increased so a new structure now sits above it.


A stone spiral staircase gives a huge dose of character to a home that wasn’t exactly lacking anyway, and a Rayburn and wood fire will keep us toasty warm through the winter.

We’re so excited to be finally in our new home, after nearly two years of searching for the perfect spot. Carlingcott seems like a really friendly little village (we’ve been given chocolate brownies and wine by the neighbours!) so we’re looking forward to settling in.