Wild garlic pesto lunch

There is an abundance of wild garlic growing around us at the moment – event if you don’t recognise the plant, you can’t miss the potent smell when out for walks.

We picked some while we were walking Arthur this morning and David made a tasty wild garlic pesto for our lunch. Yum!

All you need is:

– two handfuls of wild garlic leaves
– a handful of hard cheese. The parmesan that is really cheap in Lidl is ideal.
– a handful of pine nuts
– a good generous slosh of olive oil

Bung the lot together in a blender and give it a whizz. You can add more olive oil if its too dry. Then mix through pasta (David follows his Italian Grandma’s recipe and makes his own which is fantastic!) and add any other ingredients you want. Voila!



*If you freeze the leaves you can make pesto with hazelnuts from the hedgerow instead of expensive pine nuts in the autumn.