The bee tree

We have no idea what this tree is – it grows like mad (we cut it back twice before the spring) and in May it had tiny flowers all over it that never opened. Now the flowers have turned into little red berries. The bees absolutely love it and some days you could hear the buzzing of hundreds of bees when you were the other side of the garden. Any idea what it is? Free courgette to the first person to get the answer!


Growing our wedding

We are both really enjoying our garden and have spent every spare moment in it this year, so when it came to thinking about our wedding it seemed like a natural decision to make our garden part of it.

So – we’re growing our decorations…

We’re using an autumn harvest theme, so we’re growing colourful popcorn, gourds, squash pumpkins, some sunflowers (maybe?!) and we’re also planning to use apples, leaves and berries from around the garden.

Fingers crossed that everything is ripe at the right time!