Hen house flies the coop

After a (very brief) discussion David and I decided that we didn’t want to keep hens, so would get rid of the hen house and run we found when we uncovered the back garden!

The upside of this was that the hen house itself was pretty rotten, so it broke apart easily when my friend Laura attacked it with a hammer! The downside? Well a million tonne stone sink buried in the ground as a water trough took the two of us hours to remove, and there was a lot of chicken poo involved…

Also it rained. There is nothing like standing in chicken poo, getting freezing cold, digging up something that would be too heavy for you to lift even if it weren’t buried in the mud, in the rain.

However, we’re now done, the chicken run is no more and we have to decide what to do with the space. We’ve been thinking about turning it into a veg patch for this year in case we don’t get time to sort raised beds in the back of the garden – what do you think?